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Dinner with the Land Bank peeps. 👍👍 (at Kagay-Anon Cagayan De Oro City)

Happy and Contented.

I was always one of the bitter ones when it comes to cheesy relationships, I would always cringe and wish bad luck to sweet couples that I would see. Blame my past relationship, I was never treated in a way that would make me weak to my knees. Being the one who puts too much effort, I never really experienced the feeling of being swept off my feet by a guy. 

But slowly and surely, I am now being treated as a princess and a VIP. ;) My new boyfriend can’t get enough of me and I can’t get enough of him too. We’re exact opposites but strangely we always click. We might get into arguments but we would always find a way to be okay and love each other better. He’s too honest and I also do the same for him. We talk about silly things, have our own inside jokes and we also can talk about serious matters and of course my favorite, our future <3 I absolutely love it when the guy plans for your future, how many children you’ll have, when your wedding is, where we would reside permanently etc. My favorite for now is when he told me that on our anniversary we should be together and celebrate it outside the country. Whut whut? :D My favorite of all time as of today was when he gave me a gift with all the little love letters. Today, I gave him my gift too, I was so happy because he liked it :) 

Me and my parents will be travelling to Cagayan De Oro tomorrow, I told him that. He told me to go. But while we were talking on the phone he would say “Ang layo mo na sakin, papalayo ka lalo?” “Tomorrow i’ll be in Visayas and you’ll be in Mindanao huhuhu” “I miss you already” We were both sad but joked that we will be away from each other for 3 nights and 4 days, we won’t be able to talk quite often but I told him that I’ll always find time if he wants to talk to me :) And I told him I would always send him pictures. He also told me that at night I’ll just call him and we would sleep on the phone together <3 

I would just sometimes think, everything that I went through on my previous relationships was all worth it, because it led me to this person/relationship. And it’s the best, I honestly don’t want to lose this person. I can’t thank God enough for giving him to me. God must have really loved me because his name’s Christian. Haha. Basta overall, I’m too happy and very contented of what we have now and I couldn’t ask for anything but just him and me forever. :) :P

See you soon after my Cagayan De Oro trip! :D

Someone received my gift already. :) Woot woot! :D

The Little Things.

A friend of my boyfriend and now a friend of mine too will be going to Bacolod tomorrow since it’s a holiday and she has obligations to finish there, so I asked her if I could ask for a favor and give a gift to my boyfriend from me. 

Here are some of the gifts that the little gift bag contain, a pig stuffed toy (since he calls me baboy), a letter (greeting him a happy monthsary) and a simple tee shirt which I bought a while ago (sale sale) haha I still have some desserts to place in that bag tomorrow since it’s still in the refrigerator. And one more letter, telling him everything I feel about him. In short, love letter, we may text and call each other everyday but no one beats a classic love letter. Finally, I can make bawi na for the gifts he gave me 2 months ago <3 Too excited :)


when you find them, keep them.

Smiles and Tears.

I will be blogging about my day yesterday, August 19, 2014.

My morning started amazingly, woke up from a phone call from the boyfriend greeting us a happy monthsary <3 Yey to 5 months :) So as usual, started my day with a big smile on my face. After our call, he had to say goodbye since he needs to be in school at 9am. 

I on the other hand, slept again since me and my friends are going to meet up at 11am pa, we met up at La Paz Market, very near to our house bought our ingredients for our buko pandan salad, we also shopped for groceries as seen on the picture below this blog post. :) After that we went straight to Pearl’s house to make our salad. We ate lunch first, I ate some rice :( but I can’t resist not eating rice with corned beef. Haha. I was so matakaw yesterday I even ate some of our ingredients, and I must say, i’m quite bloated today. :( We finished making our salad at about 5pm. 

Next destination was at Atrium, the plan was to have my eyebrows threaded at Shapes and Colors since they have a promo for only 60 pesos, damn that was too painful my eyebrows are still hurting. And the girl threading me started talking about the hairs on my upper lip and she told me I should have it threaded to, I was convinced and said yes, After that, we went to the counter to pay for it, and my total payment was P120, I was like whuuuut?? I only had 100 on me, my friend made me borrow 10 pesos and I was like “I’ll just pay you the 10 pesos tomorrow, you didn’t even inform me that the upper lip was another charge” And me and my friend immediately left. I was so pissed off. Ugghh.

I was just relieved that I was home since it was already dark outside. Me and my boyfriend were texting each other already, then he called me :) Greeted me again and I greeted him too. Until, I said something that offended him. We were talking about the long weekend and how we should see each other on one of those days, he wasn’t available on Thursday and he wasn’t sure on Friday and Saturday, so I offered to go just as long as I go home in the afternoon because he really wanted me to spend the night, which by the way, is so not allowed for me. And I said something like “Baka di naman matuloy ha” He went silent for like a minute or two and I was like “babe babe?” And he told me “Just tell me if you’re tired of waiting for me” I was shocked because I wasn’t implying that I was tired of that. I answered “What? It’s not like that, I just wanted to spend time with you and be with you” He replied “I want to be with you too, you think I wanted na hindi matuloy?” He was already crying :( And I started tearing up too. He told me how tired he was since he didn’t know what to do first. His thesis, his newly opened business and me. I apologized saying that I added up to his tiredness and I didn’t mean to do it. :( We ended up not talking the whole night. I also slept too early like 10pm.

And at 4:30am, he called me up, we just did some small talk, and slept again. I looked at our call log it was 1hour and 48mins. He called me up again at 7am and there I knew we were okay, I apologized the last time, and we talked normally again, made jokes, sent kisses through the phone and said our “i love yous” Now, he’s on his way to school and I’m here blogging. Leaving for school at 10am :)

I just can’t believe I found a guy who is able to open up to me, even though I hurt him. And to be able to forgive me and still say he loves me even though I hurt him with my words. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. He’s more than I could ask for in life. He makes me so happy. Thank you Lord :) Sana forever na to :)

Grocery shoppin 👯

Back to Blogging… Everyday.

I feel I have been neglecting my tumblr for a while now. I used to do daily or weekly entries narrating what I have been up to and an update on my life. 

I know, no one actually reads my blog. But it might come handy when i’ll be sixty and reminisce along the way, I would just open my tumblr and scroll thru my entries.

What I have been up to
I am currently a Senior taking up Business Administration Major in Management. Ikr, I change my course like I have my whole life for college. This one’s the last,hopefully (haha), but i’ll be graduating on May 2015 :D Finally! My schedule’s pretty good, it’s just the expenses that’s so stressful. We would always spend our allowance in making our products, but overall life at school has been okay. Well, except for my thesis and feasib, no progress, at all. But, i’ll get through that. *fingers crossed* 

The fit & healthy life
Well, for that part, I gained 4 kgs over the summer, and now I am trying my hardest to eliminate that, it’s just been so hard. I don’t know I feel like I’m really struggling on not eating unhealthy foods, like, where did my discipline and motivation go? Like WTF! Haha. But right now, I have lose 2 kgs of that gained weight, but it’s still a seesaw effect on me :( I miss the gym, but I get too lazy that I haven’t even signed up yet. I would just always end up exercising or eating at home. :( Lazy people problems.

I think, that’s it for now, I will be posting an entry later, all about my love life, what’s been happening and how’s life with my new boyfriend. P.S. It’s gonna be a happy one :)) <3


“I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.”
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